Monday, July 30, 2012

Retro Music Video (July 30th)

I don’t know if you haven't noticed but there is a finals of a contest going on here in these parts. If you haven't voted on who should win the hall of hotties contest, you should do so. I know you can see that red banner at the top page. I know you can see it, it sticks out like a damn sore thumb. Click and vote to see who is going to be the first non celebrity inducted.

A couple of days ago I put up the newest Unwritten Rules to Dating. One of the rules that was posted is to never be with someone that blow starts their car. Here is the whole story. The other night I was hanging with The Buzz Kill crew. We were getting our drink on. I was pretty much three sheets to the wind. I learned a long time ago that no one gets me, I am the wind baby. A Mystery Science Theater 3000 reference for all of you awesome people. An outsider came and partied with us. At the end of the night, she looks over at fellow writer Chris Knight and asked if he would start her car. We both kind of looked at each other like we just seen our first penis. We were confused like bisexuals in an orgy. We walked down the stairs at the solitude of nerdom to her car and she handed the breathalyzer that was attached to her starter. The laughter was trying to be held in like a fart on a first date. He blow started her car. Not the greatest choice of words but so true. I learned that night drinking and driving is a big no no. I wonder if her pick up line to guys is “Will you blow start my....... CARS” This is dedicated to her. 

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