Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Sports Report

Reality television is supposed to give us the drama that we the viewer can feel. The people behind these shows forget one thing. You can't really script reality. There is only one true category on television that can make us pop up out of our seat. Yell at the screen. Makes us happy. Make us cry. That one thing is sports. This past week Major League Baseball played their All Star Game in the home of my favorite team, Kansas City. This game is always the signal that the year is half way over. It makes me reflect what we have seen this year already in the world of sports. Watching the ESPYs made me realize that we haven't talked about sports in a while. Every major sport has some big news and I have an opinion on them all. I know I am going to cause some stir somewhere in the sports community. College and Pros are going to be included in this.

I guess this summer is going to be dominated by where Dwight Howard is going to be playing at the start of the season. The NBA wished they could have got the deal done with the Brooklyn Nets. A new start and with a player of Howards quality would have tickets flying. However, that is just not going to happen since the Nets resigned Brook Lopez to a big deal. That now leaves two teams in the running. First, the Lakers. If I am running the Lakers, I would take myself out of this deal. You have a 7 footer who can play. Andrew Bynum is a better scorer. He may not have the shot blocking ability of Howard but he is a better all around better player. He also has a new distributor by the name of Steve Nash. He will work everyone into the offense and make the team better. If I was a betting man, Howard is going to wind up in Houston. He would bring a presence to that team that has been lacking since the retirement of Yao Ming. Houston would have a great big man again that could be over time be put in the same sentence as Hakeem Olajuwon. I think Dwight Howard in Houston is the best fit for him.

Kobe Bryant came out and said that this Team USA could beat the 92 dream team. I have to admit, I can't argue with him. The Dream Team was scary good but the game was completely different 20 years ago. Taking Jordan and Pippen out of the equation. Pippen was one of the best defenders ever in the game. They couldn't handle the speed of Team USA now. Top to bottom, this team is better. Yes, I know there is going to be a lot of basketball purist out there who is going to laugh at me. Yes, this team may not have the big men that the Dream Team had. It would be one fun game but the youth and speed would ultimately win out.

Lebron James finally got that monkey off his back this season by winning his first ring. I am not taking anything away from the guy. He is the best in the game today. He can shoot, he can pass, he can rebound and he can defend. This is not going to be a popular opinion at all. If Lebron James would have played college basketball, he would have already won 3 rings and would be counting. The discipline that college programs add to a player's game is tremendous. One thing that Lebron didn't have till this past season is Focus. If he would have played college basketball and I think he went on the record by saying we would have played for Duke, the greatest of all time. I don't even think there would be an argument at all.

That being said, I think the NBA needs to look at how long a player should be in college for. The NFL has the minimum being three years. If you can go in the first round, more power to you. Baseball, may take players right out of high school but they have something that the other leagues don't. They have a minor league system in place. This leaves the NBA. The one and done rule. I think that they should go to three years just like the NFL. This opinion won’t make John Calapari happy. Let's use him as an example. He is recruited by telling kids to come here and play one year. No big deal. I applaud him for beating the system but he isn't that great of a coach. He wouldn't have won a national championship. He wouldn't get the same quality of players. These kids need to go to school and learn fundamentals for life.

Does the future of Baseball not look the brightest it has been in years? I am excited to see where the careers of Mike Trout and Bryce Harper go. The two youngest All Stars of all time.

Brittney Griner is Juwanna Mann. She is a dominating force in women's college basketball. We all know she will join the WNBA. She will go down as the greatest woman to ever play the game. She might also be the first woman to enter the NBA draft. Couldn’t you see her posterizing Russel Westbrook?

Pay Drew Brees. I think that sums it up very easily. Drew Brees comes into New Orleans and helps rebuild the city. Gives the city something to believe again in the Saints and they are disrespecting him. He broke Dan Marino's single season passing yard record last season. He is a stud. They need to get the deal done now. There is way too much negativity around this once franchise.

I feel really bad for saying this. I have a lot of respect for the game of football and more so in college. It saddens me about the scandal that rocked Penn State. The Freeh report came out today and the only thing I have to say is Joe Paterno is just as much the problem as Jerry Sandusky was. The year that he committed this terrible act, Paterno got him named Asst. Coach of the Year. The next year Jerry Sandusky released a book called Touched. Does that not send any chills up your spine. Joe Paterno knew and he covered up. He is just as worthless as Jerry Sandusky. His legacy will always be tarnished and rightfully so.The Football program should be taken from the school.