Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We Need Your Help

Viacom pulled its channels from Direct TV yesterday. I can give you a promise we will not pull any piece no matter how much money the company that runs MTV demands. We are turning to you Buzz Kill Nation!!! We have had some big things happen in the past 7 days. We are gaining more and more fans each and every day. We are now at 13 and a half. We got a little person in a big world. Now, if we could only get one of the 1000 Duggars, we have a chance of hitting the big time. The other thing is that we have gained some companies that want to work with us and help see us go into the next level. So help us out by clicking their ads on the right and buying something nice. Adam and Eve, Starbucks, iTunes,, and a few more in the works. Please help us out and click an ad buy something. You get something, we get something. It's a win win situation. Something Dan Marino wouldn't know about.


Jim Dick said...

I can't tell you how thrilled I would be if me buying a Swedish Penis Pump from Adam & Eve launched you into the blogosphere.