Thursday, August 09, 2012

A Very Special PSA

We here at The Buzz Kill Blog like to warn you before you do something stupid. It is kind of our fair gesture to you our readers to make sure that you are safe in everyday life. Impending doom can happen in the blink of an eye. One minute you are safe and the next minute, a big yellow school bus comes barreling through the living room. It misses you by 3 feet but it takes out the food you had for dinner and you go hungry for a day. That is the kind of messed up shit we can't warn you about. However, we can warn you before your best friend throws a White Chicks style Bitch Fit on you because you are still friends with that friend's ex. Confused Yet? I know we are too. This is a very special Public Service Announcement.

Have you ever felt down in the dumps? Have you ever felt blue? Do you feel like life has kicked you in the knickers......Twice? We have all been there. You get a  text from someone from your past asking when you are going to be in town again. You decide to head to that town and house sit for a family member who really doesn't need the house sitter but you need a place to stay and they need their mail checked. You sit around waiting for this person to come see you. You get your hopes up, it's almost like a kid on Christmas Morning. In this case, instead of waking up to a bunch of presents, you wake up to find out your parents just left you there by yourself. You have no presents, no tree and a letter. The letter says,  We wanted some time away from you. There are Budweisers and cantaloupe in the fridge. Be back New Years. That is exactly what you feel like each time they keep blowing you off. You need someone to talk to. Someone that you can confide in with all this pain you are going through. You finally find someone that will listen. The response they tell you is that they can't help you. It's not like you are going to give them 5 cents and get psychiatric help. You are just asking for someone to listen. Not to fix your problems with a little gorilla glue and duct tape. How hard is it just to listen to someone? I could have got a better response out of a rock. (Not the Pro Wrestler/Movie Star. The thing that sits in your drive way and doesn't move. And we are not talking about someone crazy ex.) Next time someone needs a shoulder or needs an ear, hear them out and just be there for them. It will go a long way. Now cue the more you know graphic, I need a beer and some cantaloupe.