Monday, August 13, 2012

Retro Music Video (August 13)

Have you ever been stuck in a convertible? Look, I know what you are thinking. What kind of dumb ass  gets stuck in a convertible? That would be this guy. Here is the story. I went with a couple of friends to dinner and one of them happened to drive a convertible. Getting to ride in it, was awesome. I felt free. I felt like flashing my boobs to every truck driver. We get to establishment to eat at and she decides for safety purposes she was going to put the top up. Nobody wants something stole from the car I understand. Sitting in the back seat and watching the top come over my head, I felt like I was in a space ship or Bio Dome. It was a cool experience. It was time to get out. The seat is moved into position so I can emerge from this car a butterfly. There is only one problem. I am chubby and got stuck. Someone get me some country crock stout or if it gets really bad the jaws of life. This car was not made for chubby people sit in the back seat unless the top was down. She had to get back in the car and let the top down to let me out. It was kind of embarrassing but funny at the same time. Hey, at least, I wasn't drinking and driving doing the UnSkinny Bop. Thank you Randy Travis.