Sunday, August 19, 2012

Retro Music Video (August 19)

The last three days have been a party non stop with some of the coolest peeps you could ever meet. Honestly, I wouldn't trade my friends for anything. Wait, I take that back. I would trade them all for an unlimited supply of hot wings. I am kidding. I don't think it would actually take much. Who am I kidding? Only these guys could put up with my crazy shit. Speaking of crazy shit. Today is a big day for us. It is going to be the debut of our podcast, The Solitude of Nerdom. Nothing will be off limits. Should be really interesting in that Mother is sleeping with the lead singer of KISS way. The party has finally ended and I have to say I am ready to get back to a little normalcy or as close as it can get. We trashed a few hotel rooms, bought some hookers and played scrabble. Weird thing. These hookers knew some seven letter words. Yoparns. It's really not a word but cleavage will make a man very weak. Hell, we even helped Batman. We had a phone call for the Der Kommissar. Ok, that really didn't happen. We just stayed in and watched Netflix. =D