Thursday, August 02, 2012

Retro Music Video (August 2nd)

I thought about something today. Maybe the really insane people in Utah that have more than one wife have it right. Maybe, just maybe, I should be a polygamist. Instead of marry 7 crazy women, I will just marry one with 7 personalities. The same principle has to obtain to marrying someone with multiple personality disorder. One night you get the sweet and caring Debbie, the next night you get crazy psychopathic dominatrix, Miss Deamnor. Tonight, I pretty much decided I am going to change my name to Spalding and not after the creepy clown from the Rob Zombie movies. Nope, after the basketball company. Why do you ask? I am nothing more than something that is used for rebounds. I got to have that feeling tonight. It got me thinking of what I do want in a partner. I chose the word partner just cause I want to make the Chick Fil A people feel uncomfortable.  I decided I know what the 5 things I want is. I want someone who is a little sporty. I want someone who is a little scary. I want someone who is a little Posh. I want someone who is a little ginger... wait a damn minute. That is the damn Spice Girls. Well, let me try this again. If you WANNABE my lover, you have to be a little sporty, a little nerdy, a little tom boy, a little girly and a lot of awesome. That is what it would take if you Wannabe her.