Thursday, August 09, 2012

Retro Music Video (August 9)

I am going to go on record here and make a very important statement. High School dances were terrible. Now, I bring this up for a reason. I like to occasionally go out with one my posses to bars that you are able to dance at. Some of the music is what I would dance to on a regular basis. I am going to get my swerve on to some Dee Lite, but this club also plays a ton of slow music. You see people get up and have their slow dances with someone special or cause the liquor told them that person is special. I was never a social butterfly in high school so dances were very awkward for me. I could never bring up the courage to actually ask a lady to have a dance with me. Why in the fuck would I want to go through all of that as an adult? I think I am a glutton for punishment. I can never ask someone right out to dance or for that matter really even talk to a member of the opposite sex by just approaching them. Does that make me a giant pussy? You are damn right it does but I can say that some day I will overcome that fear. I guess until then I know in my head, I Want To Dance With Somebody.

This was a request from one of our awesome and sexy fans. You too can make a request or dedication for someone special to see. Become a fan of us on Facebook and tell us what you want to hear. I have to make a comment about her hair in this video. I was wondering what happened to a poodles hair when it gets cut.

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