Friday, August 17, 2012

The Bucket List

Today, is a big day for me. I guess it's not that big to anyone else. It is my 28th birthday. I am surprised I have even made it as far as I can. I have done stupid things. Walk 20 miles in a thunderstorm, become homeless in New Mexico and watched Jersey Shore. I have also dealt with a lot of stress in the past 28 years, finding out I was adopted, losing my home twice, and dealing with a knot in the back of my head that causes me to black out and have seizures. I have gone through a lot and know I am going to through a lot more. It's the sort of stories of that make life more interesting. However, I want to do more things with my life. I know that eventually the health thing will cause me to have bad moments, or even worse. Life is too short not to enjoy every second of it. I was sitting in the homeless shelter in New Mexico. I started writing out my bucket list. I have so many things I want to achieve and I will. I want to share with this everyone and hopefully we can do all of these together. Some of these are serious and some of these are funny. They are all in my heart.

Make A Citizens Arrest. How much of a bad ass do you have to be just tackled someone and claim citizen's arrest. Think about it. See an old lady get their purse stolen. Why some puss is calling the cops, you just take off running. You tackle the perp, get the old ladies purse and look like a hero. A citizens arrest is hard to make. I think there should be extra bonus points if you citizens arrest on an officer of the law. Chase down a cop and pull them over, and tell them that made a traffic violation.

Work at a Radio Station again. One of the best times of life was working at my old station KESM in El Dorado Springs Mo. The getting up early really sucked but it was all worth it knowing I could entertain a small community. The Saturday Night Radio show I was part of is still something I talk about to this day. It was a special time of life that I will never forget. I never got to finish there due to the beginning of the stress path I went down. I hope one day soon that I will get to do that again.

Facebook Marriage and Facebook Divorce. I want to find a woman out there who is crazy enough for us to have a Facebook wedding. Our Honeymoon would be complete with a lot of poking and tagging. It would be something that will trump all other Facebook Wedding Ceremonies. You know however, shit will get bad. She will start poking other guys. I will start tagging other girls. There is only one way it could end. A nasty Facebook divorce. All of this will be documented by status updates of course.

I want to have sex with a cougar. Not the animal of the cat variety but a woman that is 10 years older than me. I want to know what if it is true if cougar sex is awesome. Plus, I wouldn't mind being some play thing for a woman in their late 30s or early 40s.  Just as long as I don't get cat scratch fever.

To end this part of the bucket list, there is more but for right now, I feel like this is the perfect way to end this part of The Bucket List. I want to never have to have a blackout or have seizures anymore. I want the doctors to be able to find a way to cure this without having to go through the surgery that could leave me paralyzed. I still have hope that one day it could happen.


Anonymous said...

Do everything your heart wants. Your only 28 and life is hard. You have the chace to make it easy. Go with what your heart want. Smiling all the way.

Anonymous said...

Man, I loved reading your blog. You are very intellectual. I know that we do not know one another but know that I am saying a prayer for you tonight. I hope that you can make that citizen's arrest that you have been wanting and that the facebook marriage is a success. Take care, brother.