Friday, August 10, 2012

The Dating Diva

Hey, all you Stars and Studs! I love helping people. My phone rings at all times of the night with people talking with me about their problems in relationships. I love doing it for my friends so I thought it would be nice to help out more people. I am here to answer your questions about dating and relationships. I know you want some answers to your questions so here we go.

Dear Whitney,

How are you? I wanted to get your opinion. I suspect my girlfriend is cheating on me. She's really close friends with this guy. I have got a chance to meet the him a couple of times. They text each other non stop. I went through her phone because I was curious as to what they say. One of her texts reads. Do you love me as much as I love you. She says she is only being a good friend to him. Should I admit to looking at her phone? What do I do? Please help.


Dear Confused,

I am doing great. Thank you for asking. First of all, You need to sit her down and talk to her. It has to be done in a way that she won't automatically get defensive. You can't keep bottled it up and hurting yourself. That is only going to make it worse. You also need to come clean about looking through her phone. I understand why you did it but it is an invasion of her privacy. She is going to be pissed at you. She might even end it them. Being honest is a huge foundation of a relationship. If she sees that you can admit to that, then maybe if she has done something she might admit herself. Sometimes it is better to love and lost than to never loved at all. I really hoped that helped.

Dear Whitney,

Hope your day is going well? I was married for about 15 years. Our relationship hits a rough patch that caused our marriage to fail. I haven't felt like myself in months. I really don't want all the details posted. Well, there is a girl at my work who likes me. She keeps asking me on a date. I have kept refusing her but should I give her a chance.

Heart Broken

Dear Heart Broken,
It is going great. Thank you so much. I am very sorry that you lost your marriage. It is difficult not having the person we gave our heart to not around. I think that you should go on the date. I think you have healed some of the wounds. Going on this date will help in deciding if you would like to get back out there. It is only one date and not a commitment. I know the biggest fear is getting attached and it's happening again. Not every girl is going to be your ex. Remember that. See how it goes and if you are still fighting the pain emotionally. Take some more time. Time can heal all wounds. Hope that helps

Dear Whitney, 
I am seeing a guy who doesn't have his heart set on me, that is how I see it. He says we are a couple and to others, he says we are just friends. He also can't seem to get the emotional attachment away from his ex gf. He talks to her all the time while we are together. I have told him that it bothers me and he still does it. The other day he said he loved me but each time he does, it's blamed on alcohol or pills. What does this all mean? 
Lonely and With Someone.

Dear Lonely,
Thank you for your letter. I know in my life, if you are trying to have a future with someone and they are only giving you a little piece of themselves, it isn't going to work. Sometimes you have to walk away from the pain and stress of the relationship. I know it is very awesome to have someone in your life but being lonely and with someone is worse than just being lonely. Take some time. He is not what you need. You need someone that will make you happy.

The final question was the most asked.

Dear Whitney,
How are you? I have a question. Why are most men assholes?
Jaded in JC

Dear Jaded,
Being a woman myself, I want to say it's just who they are. However, I have to be fair. I want all of you who asked this to take a step back. Think about the guy you dreamed about being with. Now, think about the guys you have been with. Do they compare? I am guessing about 90 percent of more said No. Why sell yourself short? Don't lower your standards. Find the good guy that you dreamed about. He is out there, I promise.

I want to thank everyone for their questions. The response was amazing. If anyone takes my advice please send me an update or if you have a question that you would like to be answered please send it to And see if it gets answered in The Dating Diva.