Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Facebook Fan Challenge

The one thing we take great in pride in here at The Buzz Kill, is you our fans. Without you, we would just be putting pics of us showing cleavage on Facebook to get attention.

Hey. You're really fat, don't you do that anyway?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am not alone in writing this one. I am joined by the one and only Stick Figure Dan. 

I better get paid for this. I am missing my shows so I can come write this with you. 

Yeah, about that.

Hell No, Tubbers. You are going to put on a short skirt and go work a parking lot. I don't give a shit if it's a Toys R Us. I write, I get paid.

This is why you don't see much of that skinny fucker around. 200 dollars per piece. Is that not ridiculous. My kids won't be able to go to college.

You would actually have to find someone to sleep with you first.

That was just mean. The reason we are here today, we are proposing a challenge to all of you out there. We want you to help spread the word about us. That is why we are starting the Facebook Fan Challenge. From Now until the end of September we are asking for your help to build our fan base and grow our Facebook Page.

I will actually be nice about this. If you become a fan you get to request and dedicate Retro Music Videos, and be the first to know about contests and new content. 

For Every 250 fans by September 30th, We will be giving away an Official THE BUZZ KILL T-Shirt to a random Facebook Fan. The more people you get to like the page, the more chances you have to win.      

Tell them why I am here. Tell the awesome readers what will happen if you we hit the 1000 mark by September 31st. I have to get this in writing for the world to see. 

I can't believe I am doing this. If we are to reach the 1000 mark by September 31st, I will get a tattoo of Dan saying Figure It Out Bitch. 

Damn right you will. This event if it does happen, will be filmed for the world to watch on this little There is no backing out of this once this is up. 

This is almost like Christmas for you isn't it?

Fuck no, this is better. This is almost like my birthday. Which is the beginning of the New Year for me. 

Spread the word to become a fan, win a T-shirt, We get a 1000 fans watch me get a Stick Figure Dan Tattoo. Click the like button and be part of The Smartest Dumbest Thing On The Internet.

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