Sunday, August 05, 2012

The Hall Of Hotties (Contest Winner)

Over 60 women entered. Our judges narrowed it down to the final to the final four. Just like American Idol the power went to you the fans of The Buzz Kill. Men and women sitting in their computer chairs in their underwear voted. I have to say a huge thank you. We had very close to 2000 votes. In all honesty I am guessing it was just one lonely man playing Eeny Meeny Miny Mo and decided that way. However, the voting is done and we have a winner. This contest was a huge success on all levels and we owe that to you. The winner of The Hall of Hotties contest and the next induction into the Hall is going to be announced in just a second. I figured if I tried to pull a Ryan Seacrest, it would make it a little more dramatic. Did it work? I am guessing you are still reading or just skipped down to the picture anyway. The winner and next induction into the Hall of Hotties is:
Carolyn is the very first winner of The Hall Of Hotties contest. How bad ass is that? So far she is the only woman that can say that she is in the Hall of Hotties among some of the sexiest woman in entertainment. Carolyn is 24 years is originally from Pomona, California. She was only a few hours away from the ocean. I am not going to lie, I think there are a lot of males out there reading this that have something big salty and unlike the ocean is healthy for you. Too bad fellas that she is taken and newly engaged. It makes us all sad but he has some bragging rights to say he is with a member of the Hall Of Hotties. That is a dream I am trying to achieve everyday. Rachael Ray, please go on a date with me. She is a general manager of a Tropical Smoothie. So how many of you are expecting a banana joke? I am going to disappoint all of you and take the high road but who wouldn't want to see some melons? I am taking about the fruits you dirty pervs. She always hoped that she is a hottie but now she will be immortalized forever as a Hottie. Carolyn, The first winner of The Hall of Hotties contest we want to welcome you into the Hall of Hotties. Carolyn, normally at this point, I would make a flirty and dirty joke about if you read this. This time I am not, I am a giant pussy and don't want my ass kicked.

Carolyn did it and you can too. The Hall Of Hunks contest is going on right now. Click the banner right under the logo to see the details on how to enter.


jd bearden said...

i really have bragging rights now about my fiance