Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I have pondered in my mind for a while about doing a piece that is about the stupidity in the news, whether it comes from a celebrity or just plain stupid news. I have a had a couple of requests in the past few days to do something like this. I was debating very hardcore about it and then I went to Yahoo today. I thought it was perfect timing to start this all new feature piece.

Merriam Webster.... WTF?!?!

On Yahoo's main page today, I see a news story about new words being added to the dictionary. I think we have to grow our vocabulary just like anyone else. It makes us more intelligent. There is no arguing that at all. However, am I supposed to feel dumber after knowing what words Merriam Webster added. The first one is Man Cave. Does anyone see a problem with this? It's now two words that make one? I know there are some English teachers out there right now who are having a cardiac arrest. How dumb is that, honestly? It should have never been placed in a book of the WORD. If I want to to know what a man cave is, I will look it up on Google. Sexting a popular term for texting naughty things to someone has now been added. This makes more sense to me. One, it is only one word and two, it has become part of our everyday life. Sadly. But who doesn't love a naughty photo every now and then.  Last but no least, comes the one that leaves me scratching my head. F-Bomb. Not the actual word. The slang for someone saying fuck. Wow. Let me drop an F-Bomb. This is just fucking stupid.