Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Very Special PSA

This is a very special Public Service Announcement brought to you by your friends here at The Buzz Kill Blog. We are watching out for you our reader. We want to let you know before you get to know someone, but yourself in dangerous situations, or start doing things you will regret at a later date. (Like lip syncing Shania Twain at your founder's day celebration or the NFL Replacement Refs of a Seahawks Packers game. ) This is for your safety. If no one else has your back, you know we do. And now a Very Special PSA.

Do you know someone who likes to take money from every Tom, Dick and Harry they have ever met? There is a huge emphasis on the word Dick in that. Instead of paying the bills that money is used for something very trivial like buying 50 dollar carton of cigarettes. If you are so addicted to puffing on tobacco that you have to puff on Peter, it might be time to seek rehab. It's sad.  Do you know someone who likes to bring everyone down around them? If they aren't happy no one else is sure as hell going to be happy around them. You know the type of people who threaten to kill themselves in the street every time someone tells them no. There is a fine line between being selfish and being a damn brat. Do you know someone that likes to message your exes trying to hook them up with someone who they have slept with themselves because they want to be Eskimo Sisters/Brothers? No one really wants to claim they had sex with this person, unless it's a nasty thread on the website Topix. That way you can be anonymous.  Do you know someone who only comes around when they need you, not cause they actually want to be around you? You know they type of person, who comes over Christmas dinners gets their present, returns it to Wal Mart, (You aren't actually going to buy something nice for this person) exchanges it for money so they can have gas in the car so they can move on to their next dumb ass...I mean person. If all of these traits sounds like someone you know, that person is living with UnHappy Over Relative Environment Disorder Also Known As UHORE Disorder. This a rare disease that affects hundreds of people who only care about themselves. These people will put pictures of themselves on Facebook and share their own pics, over and over and over. These are the same people who like their own status. Would you laugh at your own joke?  These selfish pricks need help. Thanks to medical research done at Rosemary Community College, and you better be hitting the breaks and not the clutch, there is a cure. The next time a person like this asks you for something this is what you do. You say No, and walk the other way. Don't look back or your soul might be eaten like cock in the cab of a Peterbilt in Memphis. Those kids in that don't get the toy they want and throw a fit, it's going to be a lot like that just with more f bombs being dropped.  They will get mad and they might start calling people to spread rumors about horrible you are and that you kill puppies and sell the bodies to Koreans but in the long run, everyone will see through their act. You will be a better person for it. Cue The More You Know Graphic and get a sandwich.


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