Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hall of Hotties

I feel like I need to make up for myself for the Retro Video posted earlier today. I think there is only one way that this can be done and that is simple. I think it is time to talk about doing very dirty things with a woman that I can never have. I don't mean those dirty things that will make your mother blush. I am talking about the dirty things that would make a person who has had a story in Penthouse blush. Everyone enjoying the fact that there is something to watch on the weekend again? It is nice to be able to sit down on a Sunday afternoon and watch guy beat the crap out of each other. Want to know what makes that 10 times better. Having a woman by your side that will do the same thing. A sexy woman sports fan, is almost as sacred as finding the sexy woman that plays video games. It is such a rare find. If the guys from American Pickers were going through someone's barn and found two hot women, you better believe they would shit their pants in less than 20 seconds. That is why the next induction into the Hall is an easy one for me. A woman who loves sports so much that not only will she give up her Sundays to watch football but she is in a fantasy league as well. The next induction into the Hall Of Hotties is:
Jenny MacArthur
I don't know how many of you have seen the FX show, The League? I have to say it is one of the funniest shows on television but one thing stands out more than any. Kevin's wife. Jenny. This woman knows her football and I have to admit, it makes me stand at attention. In season 1, she helped her husband's team. Technically, she ran the team while he got all the glory.  Behind every good man is a great woman. If she was with me, she would be in front of me and on certain nights if the feeling was right and I was shitfaced, she would be behind me. In season 2, she gets to have her own team in the league. I know I would  have put down the best line up known to man and if I lost, I would be sad. However, if I go down, well you know where that joke is going. She got to the championship of The League. She fell short in her quest to bring home The Shiva. I wouldn't mind Shiva blasting in her face or on her tits. She is a real estate agent, a mother, and someone who will kick you ass on Sunday and talk dirty to you by saying how may yards Arian Foster picked up. Excuse me for one second, I have to sack my quarterback. We welcome Jenny to The Hall of Hotties. If you happened to read this, dump that jackass Kevin and join our league. I will give the first pick in the draft each time, I know your selection will be my Adrian Petersen.


Os Davis said...

Ah, but it won't be Adrian Peterson. As stated in season 4, episode 1, drafting Adrian Peterson any time before the third round is insanity. Come on, this should be child's play...