Friday, September 07, 2012

Is This Art?

I wanted to turn to you the readers of The Buzz Kill to ask you a very simple question. Am I blind? Fellow writer and Co host of the Solitude of Nerdom podcast (which you can now download on iTunes.) has a painting sitting against the wall. He can not find anywhere to hang it. I have to say thank god for that but two of our female friends love this thing. Am I missing something with this? I have not artistic ability at all so maybe I am just being a jealous bitch that someone can paint. I am sorry this is one of the ugliest pieces of crap I have ever seen.
This is the painting in question. It looks like a bunch of doors leading somewhere or a blanket that Helen Keller made. I have been known to get this confused with the few scratcher tickets, I have bought over the last few days. I have no idea what to think about this piece of shit. Is there something I am missing here or is this painting the windows to a shitty world full of losing at Candyland. Someone please tell me before I lose it.


Jim Dick said...

Some self-pretentious asshole would justify its significance