Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Retro Music Video (9/11)

I think the question that has always dictated certain events in history is, where were you? Where were you on December 7, 1941? The day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. The day that will live in infamy. Where were you when President Kennedy was assassinated? I wasn't alive for either one of those but the videos that have surfaced about Kennedy are some of the most graphic pieces of footage I have ever seen. That was until, September 11. 2001. I remember where I was when I heard the news that planes flew into the twin towers in NYC. I was sitting in my Chemistry 1 class and a little before 9, our principal came on the intercom telling us that America was under attack. Today, we remember the lives the that were lost on the faithful day and the men and women who stood up and fought for our country. It was a day that changed all of our lives. Who would have thought 11 years later it would still hit us as hard as it does. No jokes. No Banter. This Retro Video is for the brave men and women. The firefighters, the police officers, the members of the armed forces, the spirit was strong on the day of this tragedy and still strong to this day. We will never forget. New York, New York by Ryan Adams is today's song. The video was filmed on September 7th, 2001.