Friday, September 28, 2012

Retro Music Video (9/28/12)

It's Friday. Put on the party hats and get ready to blow off all the stress from a hectic work week. That is unless you are an NFL Referee. You better get your game face on. You are going back into the trenches this week and a moment too soon. The replacement refs did so much damage in the first three weeks makes me wonder if some of these teams can actually come back from it. I know one team those jackasses screwed over. My fantasy football team. I wonder if the ref that called that touchdown, had the Seattle receiver on his fantasy team. Here is a thought to ponder though. These guys now are going to go back to what they had been originally calling. High School Football. If they screw up that bad at the pro level, dear god I would hate to see what they are doing to the future of this nation. NFL fans are rabid but here is a small warning to those refs. NFL fans have nothing on Mothers of children playing High School Football. Do not, I repeat, Do Not piss off a mother of a high school athlete. That is like staring down the barrel of a 45. Trust me, NFL fans would be like a small group of Colts, (Not to be confused with the NFL team) compared to the pack of Mustangs that will trample your ass and anything in their path. (I have to get this in, GO HOXIE!!!) These guys shouldn't even be allowed to ref pee wee. Hell, these guys shouldn't even be allowed to go near a Madden football game. I think the best thing we can all say to these refs that screwed up America's game. Don't Come Around Here No More.