Sunday, September 16, 2012

Retro Music Video (September 16)

This is going to be very awkward for me to write. I think I should have hornswoggled a female writer to do this part. I apologize know for how weird this is going to sound. Please don't judge me and if you do, please remember I am cute and look amazing in heels. A conversation was happening right in front of me the other night that I had no idea how to respond. The best person to know what a man wants is a tranny. They are more girly than most women. I honestly don't think you can live in the North Eastern part of Arkansas not agree with that statement. Some of the women around here can pick me up and use me for a shot put. Heed my warning, do not piss off a woman from the state of Arkansas. Your nuts will be on display at a flea market who misspells the word biggest. The other part is, since they are a man, they know what men like better. I feel just weird typing that. Here is a conversation that you normally have with your buds. I really don't think guys get together drinking some fufu berry drink, and talk about how each of them like their blowjobs. Then someone had to pipe in with this damn song.