Friday, September 21, 2012

Retro Music Video (September 21)

It is Friday and that mean one thing across the country, High School Football. I was thinking about this the other day. I went to a small high school in Missouri. My graduation class was somewhere around 90. Not a lot of people. You think Facebook is bad, try going to high school in a small town. Everyone will know your business in about the same amount of time, if not faster. The one thing I was really thinking about, high school mascots. Can we please be more creative in this dept.? How many schools have to be really called the tigers or bobcats, or bulldogs? I have seen some awesome ones since I have been in Arkansas but none of them for me will ever top the Liberators. How bad ass of a name is that? There is no thought process I am guessing to figure out what a high school mascot will be. Pick something that is close to the town, so people from the town will get behind it too. If you are in a small town in Missouri, I have no idea what Tigers will have to do with you. The big thing where I grew up was how bad the water was. Our team name should have been The Sulfur. Instead, we got the low end of the stick and was named the Bulldogs. It can't be something cool like Mustangs, or Blazers, or Hurricane, or anything else really. Want to what made it worse? The year 2000. It was a big deal when we scored a touchdown my sophomore year. It was a bigger deal my senior year, almost a miracle if it happened. I digress, when we would score a TD a certain song would be played over the loud speaker which would haunt my ever loving soul to this damn day. I still sit and ask this. Who Let The Dogs Out?

A Side note: I never really listened to the lyrics of this shitastic song till today. What a bunch of assholes the Baha Men were. This song is about ugly women. I am guessing by the looks of the Sisqo wannabe they didn't do so hot in trying to bring home the ladies. I actually wonder if anyone actually had sex with these guys.