Friday, September 28, 2012

The Buzz Kill Blog Store

We would like to take this time to interrupt your regular scheduled hijinks to bring you a very special announcement. This is the launch of The Buzz Kill Blog Store. This is a very big deal for all of us. These shirts are affordable and will make you the talk of where ever you wear them to. People say it's 5 o clock somewhere so they can drink, well, tell people it's 4:20 somewhere so you can smoke up. Have you ever been in a situation you didn't have the answer to? One man does, and his name is Alan Thicke. WWATD? We have all made the joke That's What She Said. You can now wear it on your shirt in a very clever way. Finally, you can get the very special Buzz Kill Breast Cancer Awareness shirt. All the proceeds for this shirt will go to fight breast cancer. It's a very special cause and proud we can join the fight. Men's and women's available. Go buy something today =D 11065078-102807727 11062206-102803412 11065185-102807787 11065493-102808215