Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Sports Report: AFC WEST and NFC NORTH Preview

It's opening day of the NFL season and that can only mean one thing. We are down to the final preview for this NFL Season. We saved the worst and the best conferences for last. The AFC West and the NFC North. We start off with the worst of the divisions the AFC West.

San Diego Chargers: Last year the Chargers went a very mediocre 8-8 and are looking to improve on that record in the 2012 season. One of the biggest losses in the off-season will hurt them in the long run this year. The loss of Vincent Jackson. He might be getting up in age but he is a much better player than the flash in the pan Eddie Royal. San Diego is trying to put together a winning team with the misfits in the league. Ronnie Brown, Eddie Royal, Robert Meachum, Charlie Whitehurst, it's the land of the misfit losers. They really didn't make any effort to put some help on the defensive side of the ball. This is going to be the worst year the Chargers have seen in a while. They finish 2012 5-11.

Oakland Raiders: Another team that finished the year 8-8 in 2011. I can never take the Raiders seriously until they are able to keep a head coach for more than a year or two. It makes them the biggest joke in the NFL. They have speed on both sides of the ball but that will not win you championships. No real key additions but they lost half of their team. This is going to be another rebuilding year in Raider Nation. The Raiders finish 7-9 and fire another head coach.

Kansas City Chiefs: 7-9 in 2011. I have had some very tough thoughts with this team. Last year wasn't the best but they did come on strong at the end of the year. They seem to have had a fire lit under their asses when Romeo Crennel took over as the head coach. I do want everyone to remember that he had one good year with the Browns and then it went to hell. The defense is young and hungry and could be a sleeper in a fantasy league. The other question I have with this team is the QB position. Matt Cassell is not the answer to win a championship. He was a product of the New England system. I just don't think Kansas City could win a playoff game but sure can make it. The Chiefs finish with a record of 10-6.

Denver Broncos: Three teams finished with a record of 8-8. Denver got there on the magic ride that Tim Tebow took them on. This year the guy behind center has changed to future Hall of Famer, Peyton Manning. If he is half the QB he was in Indy, Denver could win the Super Bowl. There would be no questions asked. A very tough decision for this writer to decide on if Denver can win this division. The defense is one of the best in the league and could very easily run away and win it. If Manning plays well, 12-4, if he is off, 9-7.

  1. Denver
  2. Kansas City
  3. Oakland
  4. San Diego


This is going to be the toughest division in the NFL. 3 teams are going to be Playoff Contenders. Two teams are going to be Super Bowl Contenders and 1 team can play spoiler.

Detroit Lions: The Lions shocked the pro football world last year by not only making the playoff but having a record of 10-6. They have some experience and that means they can only get better. I have two words for you. Calvin Johnson. Megatron is the best wide out in the league. It doesn’t matter if you double team or not the guy is going to have a great game. If Suh can keep from playing dirty, The Lions D is going to be playing smash mouth style. I think their D could be said in the same breath as the Baltimore Ravens. The one thing that has to stay true for this team is the running back has to stay healthy. Jhavid Best will be the guy to get this team over the hump. The lions will end the 2012 campaign with a record of 11-5.

Minnesota Vikings: They might have had a terrible year last year only winning 3 games and this is year is also going to be bad for the purple people eaters. However, they are the team could play spoiler for one of the other three teams in this division. There is still a guy on the field that can change games with a single carry. Adrian Petersen. This guy is a man child. I think the Vikings are going to mess up some plans and play everyone tough. The Vikes are 5-11 when the season ends.

Green Bay Packers: 15-1 and the best record in the league is going to do it again this year. Green Bay might have faulted in the playoffs, but this season they are going to come out with a chip on their shoulders. They really don't have much tweaking to the offense but the defense is a completely a different story. They need to make more stops to be able to make it to the big dance. Green Bay will win the North with a record of 14-2.

Chicago Bears: The most improved team in the off-season just by the addition of one player. Brandon Marshall. Last year with a record of 8-8 they were looking to make a splash and they did just that. I always said if the Bears had just one really good receiver they would be tough. They went out and did just that. You can also never sleep on the Bears D. They are always tough and looking to put some hurt on their opponents. I feel something very special happening in Chicago. DA Bears end the year with a record of 11-5.

  1. Green Bay Packers
  2. Detroit Lions
  3. Chicago Bears
  4. Minnesota Vikings