Thursday, September 20, 2012


Lindsay Lohan.... What The Fuck?!?!?!

No star had a mediocre rise to stardom like Lindsay. Her early career was dominated by Disney. The Parent Trap, where she played twins. Freaky Friday, where she changes bodies with her mom. She moved on to what I feel was her best movie and the movie that she looked smoking hot in. Mean Girls. I can't forget the instant classic (please hint the sarcasm.) Herbie: Fully Loaded. However, instead of Herbie, it is Miss Lohan who is now Fully Loaded. Dui, after Dui. Lindsay has been sent to rehab so much that she now has her own parking spot. Amy Winehouse, from the grave, thinks that bitch has a problem. Her newest incident happens in New York City where she hit a pedestrian. "I am sorry officer. I needed to get to my crack dealer before he ran out. I thought it would be ok to drive on the sidewalk." I am guessing that is what Lindsay said to the officer that placed her in handcuffs. If that would have been the woman who played Ren Stevens on Even Stevens, she would have got the damn death penalty. Now, get this. Lindsay's Dad, who needs to crawl back under the crack rock he came from, says that this was all just set up to get her in trouble. Umm. The last time I checked it was somewhat safe to walk on the sidewalks of NYC. I can just see this being one elaborate plan set up by Amanda Bynes. The upside about Lindsay being arrested again is that I am one hole punch away from a free burger at Red Robin (Who read Red Robin and said Yum?) and for that I thank her.Thank god, you don't hear Hillary Duff, doing stupid shit like this.