Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Very Special Breast Cancer PSA

This is a very special Public Service Announcement brought to you by your friends here at The Buzz Kill Blog. We are watching out for you our reader. We want to let you know before you get to know someone, but yourself in dangerous situations, or start doing things you will regret at a later date. You know what I am talking about. Like getting drunk and waking up next to someone that you will never see again until your next family reunion. This is for your safety. If no one else has your back, you know we do. And now a Very Special PSA.

This is a very special month, as we are getting out the word spreading the message of Breast Cancer Awareness. Now, here is what I want all the men and women reading out this to do. I want you to start checking your breasticles for a lump. Let me tell you what happens if you don't. You will sit in a house with 5 women. Two of these women make you shake your head cause of the way they talk about how a man's butt will drive them nuts. The other three women have just participated in the Susan G. Komen Walk For The Cure. What are they carrying? Pictures of half naked firefighters. Then these 5 women drag you down in the ocean of raging hormones. They talk about ripping off their clothes and doing things that makes the only guy in the room blush. I, mean, He feels so uncomfortable hearing about men and how you can bounce a roll of nickels off their ass. I..umm, He calls up his girlfriend and asks for a picture of her boobs just so he feels better. Here is what you do to keep this from happening to you. Donate, even better head on over to The Buzz Kill Blog Store (click the pink) and purchase one of our two Breast Cancer Awareness Shirts. They are just 15 dollars and all proceeds will go to The American Cancer Society. If we are able to find the cure, no one will ever have to go through that ever again. Cue, The More You Know Graphic. I need to find more male friends.


Anonymous said...

The Susan G. Komen walk and Breast Cancer Awareness are very important in our lives! But set the serious aside, the half naked firemen calendars give me a thrill each and everyday! There is not a thing wrong with being able to bounce a quarter or anything else off of a man's ass! Of course, everyone around here knows that I go for the arms and asses.

I told you that we have very interesting lives and would give you lots of writing material!!!!!