Saturday, October 06, 2012

Diary Of A Nerdy Chick

When you think of a nerdy girl what do you think of? For me being a nerd is far more than just watching Anime and wearing Star Wars T-shirt it’s about being a gamer. For most gamers are seen as big shirtless angry guys in their mom’s basement covered in Doritos dust and Mountain Dew cans. While this is true in some cases in others being a gamer could be defined as a stress reliever. Being a girl gamer is no different. First person shooters are great for relieving stress. I am a dedicated Call of Duty player as well as a Borderlands and more recently Borderlands 2 player. Truthfully, I went to a midnight release party hosted by Game Stop just to pick up the game. Shortly after, returned home with taco bell and an endless supply of Pepsi Max and proceeded to play into the wee hours of the morning. If anyone knows the story of Borderlands he or she ( please let there be more girl gamers out there somewhere or I shall lose my mind) can equip two weapons, complete missions and run around kicking ass. As you progress levels progress and you become more skilled and powerful. Borderlands 2 brings a new twist to the story in which I was highly addicted to. Not to mention, quite literally a bazillion guns and those same graphics that fellow Borderlands lovers adore. Let me just tell you, my head still nearly explodes from excitement when I play this thing. ( I’m considering posting a review after it's been beaten) I have played for days on end after completing homework with my friends and sadly I am beyond terrified of becoming the person covered in Doritos dust. Still yet, I embrace the nerd within. ( Maybe a bit too much) I play games, watch Anime, have straight a’s in college. I actually like school. I’m starting to wonder if I was dropped on my head as a child. What I’m curious to know is this. What is the general consensus on nerdy girls? Are we hot? When I say hot I don’t mean half naked in a basement either. I mean are nerdy girls generally girls people would gravitate toward. I’m not afraid to admit. I am super nerd. A bit obsessed with superheroes. My recent gaming has clearly come to new heights. I found myself sitting on the edge of my bed in sweats with a headset on screaming at the television because I had gotten shot and killed in a game. If there are any of you gamer girls out there or even super nerdy ones, or even the more amazing combination of both. Never be afraid to embrace it. Let those little dirty nerdy secrets fly. People are so caught up in worldly things they may forget what it's like to have a little fun. Let’s face it, nerdy girls are ALWAYS fun. Personally, I find us sexier than most women who sport leather skin tans and duck faces. Moral of the story, whether you are male or female keep being you. Nobody is more awesome than a nerd.

The Nerdiest Girl in Existence.