Friday, October 19, 2012

Diary Of A Nerdy Girl

Well, this week has been stressful for your favorite nerdy chick. From everything to school, housework, bills, writing and other typical nerd issues, my nerves are shot. How do we fix this? Well, I fix it by kidnapping my boyfriend for a week because he’s just as stressed out as me. I know, I’m awesome right?  So, needless to say I spent the entire time with him and it was freaking fantastic. Well, he left tonight and I was a little sad. So what did I do? I decided, I would bake cookies even though, I’m quite sure I’ll be scarred from the last escapade. I have nothing better to do so, why the hell not. Now, anyone who knows me, knows I love to bake as well as cook and I can get a little crafty with it, especially with the upcoming holidays.  I live for holidays and excuses to cook. I decided to make peanut butter cookies.  One, because I’m a broke ass college student and two, because who the hell doesn’t love peanut butter cookies? So I got all the stuff together got them mixed  up and put on the cookie sheet, I noticed they looked a little dry, but I didn’t think much of it. The timer goes off, took them out. Let them cool down, go to taste one and it falls apart in my hand. Then, it hit me. I forgot the egg. What is this nonsense? Maybe stress is frying my brain. I mean my boyfriend TIED me in Blackops and I had forgotten the eggs in my favorite cookie ever? Come on man, I’m losing my awesomeness at this point. What happens next? Boyfriend actually beats me at Blackops? Okay, well let’s not go that far. That won’t happen. He doesn’t know it, but I totally let him win. I don’t know about any fellow gamers but I get into it.  I yell at the television. Yeah, I’m that girl. It gets intense who can blame me. Neighbors have probably accused me of shooting some sort of hardcore porn or something of that nature. If it’s after ten at night all you’ll hear from my room is a string of profanity followed by “Yeah, that’s right take that” I’m surprised I haven’t had to explain myself yet. Although, I’m not really sure if I could do it with a straight face.  I mean, how does this conversation go?

“What is going on in there?”
“Oh dude, just playing some video games”
“Oh good lord, I thought you were legit killing folks, all that screaming and yelling, throwing things”
“Nope, just playing video games” 

Now, I’m thinking I should play video games half naked or something just to see the look on people’s faces when I come to the door, all angry, sweaty and red-faced That would be completely priceless.  Wonder what would happen there.  If you see a half-naked girl being arrested its probably safe to hide your husbands. I have been kicking some ass all night.  Well….. Now that got awkward….
Moral of the story is. Never bake cookies without eggs. They turn into dust drier than the New Mexico desert.  Don’t scare your neighbors when playing video games…. And if you do make sure you’re freaking awesome at it. Oh, and always let your boyfriend win at Blackops. It’ll boost his ego. 

The Nerdiest Girl In Existence