Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hall Of Hotties

It's the most scariest time of the year. Halloween just around the corner that can only mean two things. All you can eat candy corn. I really think I am the only person in the entire world who actually enjoys eating me some candy corn. I don't know what it is about that stuff but it is delicious. The other thing is the fact you can watch movies that will scare you so bad that some pee runs gently down your leg. That is exactly what I did this past few days. I watched movies that made me jump and make me not able to sleep well at night. Children of the Corn is the reason I will not go to the state of Nebraska at all. The Woman in Black made me jump so high that Wesley Snipes would have been proud of me. Finally had to end the night with one of my favorite directors of the horror genre. Rob Zombie. There is something about his films that male feels like I am back in the late 70s genre of horror. They are just fun to watch hands down. With that being said I realized something very different. I find one of these psycho characters just down right sexy. Even the girl, I was watching them with said she would eat her for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The next induction into the Hall Of Hotties is:
Sherri Moon Zombie
Dear god, the things I could do this woman would even scare Rob Zombie, but I would never try due to the fact he would possibly kill me and feed me to a group of wild pigs. Rob if you ever this, you are amazing. This 42 year old Scream Queen. Kind of impressive for being over 40 is the long time girlfriend and then became the wife of the one and only Rob Zombie. She starred in a few music videos before getting her big break in the awesome horror movie, House of 1000 Corpses. She played Baby Firefly, a psychotic woman with a lust for torturing people. I have to admit I wouldn't mind being knifed in a movie by her. I know that sounds a little weird but come on, if you could die in a horror movie would it not want to be in the hands of a smoking hot psychotic killer. She returned to that role in The Devil's Rejects. I am wondering what bringing her home to meet mom would be like. She then moved on to play Michael Myers mom in the Halloween remakes. I am not going to lie if she was my mom, I would so totally have an Oedipus Complex. She might kill people on the big screen but she stabbed my heart with pure sexy awesome. Sherri Moon Zombie, welcome to the Hall of Hotties. If by some chance you read this, Please Kill me in one of your husbands movies.