Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Hall Of Hunks

Alright ladies, I hope you will join us as we go pink this month. I have some friends that have been diagnosed with breast cancer and the fight they are going through is something that no movie script writer could imagine. Buy a T-Shirt from The Buzz Kill Blog store and help out a good cause. All those ladies out there fighting for their life or the friends and family of these people, do I have a treat for you. The one thing I like to look for in a friend is a gay man. Some women are caddy and will cut you down at any chance they get. I am a firm believer that every woman should have one gay friend to act as their best girlfriend in times of need. That is why this next induction of into the Hall of Hunks will check your breast for cancer and not even get a hard on. It's kinda funny cause he played a doctor as a kid on television. Neil Patrick Harris, went from child star, to being never heard of, to one of the biggest stars on the planet. His career has come full circle and it couldn't have happened to a more awesome. He might be getting into hijinks with Harold and Kumar or putting on a suit to become the ladies man on How I Met Your Mother. There is nothing this guy can't do. He can sing, he can dance, and he will cuddle with you all night as you cry on his shoulder and he won't take advantage of you. I wonder if I could turn him straight? Challenge Accepted.