Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hall Of Hunks

Being one of the biggest nerds on the planet I realized after tonight that I love a man of intelligence. There are plenty of men in this world bursting with intelligence of all different sorts, but my little heart does backflips over science nerds. Now ladies, prepare yourselves for this one as we induct Sheldon Cooper into the Hall of Hunks… or should I say, Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Anyone who knows this man knows not only is he a scientist but an impossible clean freak with an ego the size of Jupiter. I find his slightly insane tendencies adorable. If any problem can be solved in, under thirty minutes by repeating lines and codes of Star Trek, or the famous Rock. Paper. Scissors. Lizard. Spock. I am so there. Plus I mean come on, he’s the only man in existence that prides himself on a squeaky clean apartment. Who doesn’t want a man that can clean up after himself? I also find the bragging he does about his IQ to be incredibly sexy. He can outsmart me any day of the week. He might sleep on Star Wars sheets, be incredibly OCD, and obnoxious about his “spot on the couch” but he is one sexy hunk of nerd. There’s no one else that can pull of khaki’s and a Green Lantern shirt like Sheldon. Fellow nerdy girls eat your heart out. I’m on a mission to find Amy Farrah Fowler, kick her in the teeth, and swoon mister Sheldon Cooper with my insane amount of superhero related knowledge. If he refuses, I suppose we will settle it over a friendly game of Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock.