Monday, October 01, 2012

Howdy Yall'

Hey this is Richard. As you can see the month of October is going to be huge. We are excited and proud to announce a new member to The Buzz Kill. Welcome Laura Ashcraft to our dysfunctional family that will eventually have a song recorded about us by Hank Williams Jr. You are going to see some exciting stuff come from this bombshell.

My name is Laura. I’m twenty-four years old. I have lived in Arkansas most of my life and I love it. I love the outdoors but aside from that I am a huge nerd. I am girl that takes gaming, reading and watching movies over expensive clothes any day. Although, I adore chick flicks and ice cream just as much as any girl. Horror movies are by far my favorite genre of movie though. I also adore music. I love rock, but lately I have been hooked on a bit of country. I’m a very genuine and honest person and more often than not, I am not afraid to tell a person what I think. I love to cook and I am sort of a clean freak. I even clean the ceiling fan (when I can find a chair tall enough for me to reach it, being 5ft tall has its downfalls.) I am a very strong person who has been through a lot in life. I see writing as an outlet to express those things. I am better at putting words on paper than ever telling them to a person’s face. I’m that person that anyone can come to with their problems and sometimes write to help people realize and solve their own problems. My biggest fears are snakes, and heights. I’m supremely addicted to soda and Gatorade. I love Chinese food and pizza. My best friend is my world, and I am a completely hopeless romantic. I am strong, I am funny, I am independent, and most importantly, I am a fighter for the things that I believe in.