Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nutsy The Squirrel

Every once and a while I bet you have seen a picture of a stuffed squirrel grace the pages of The Buzz Kill. I know that some of you have to be thinking why in the hell would a grown man carry around a stuffed squirrel in his pocket? I am telling you right now that little thing brings the ladies. Just kidding but seriously. We are finally introducing Nutsy The Squirrel to the world. Here is the story for the mascot of The Buzz Kill. Three years ago, my mother had a stroke that caused dementia, the symptoms are along the same lines of Alzheimer's which my mother was diagnosed with a year earlier. One of the few things that stuck close to my heart was a beanie baby squirrel. He became very special and has been along with me in many of my adventures in the last three years. Here are a few of our favorite Nutsy Photos.
Nutsy is a heavy drinker

On the way to New Mexico
With the drummer of the Kentucky Head Hunters and the coolest chops ever
With Amanda Hanson from KAIT the Jonesboro ABC affiliate 

 Nutsy has been a lot of places but now we are turning to you. If you are able to catch me out and about. You can get your picture made with the most kick ass squirrel on the planet. We will put it on our Facebook Page. He is just as much part of our lives and we want to share him with you.