Saturday, October 20, 2012

Retro Music Video (10/20)

One thing we take pride in around here is that Retro Videos are open for for request and dedications. If you have a request or want to dedicate a video to someone shoot us an email by clicking contact us at the top of the page. We will put up the video that you want to see as quickly as possible. Well today is very special as we have a dedication. Have you ever sat down in a restaurant that serves down home cooking? The special for the day, is some kick ass meatloaf, ( the food not the singer.) with a nice side of Mac and cheese. Who doesn't like Mac and Cheese. If you don't, you need to be checked. There is something really wrong with you. The other side is Pot Salad. Yes, Pot Salad. You see that on the menu, and it just sounds amazing. The waitress comes up to take your order and you ask for the pot salad. But wait, do I really want to eat this. Is this made from pot? Nope it is just short for potato salad and everyone has a giggle. I busted out my guitar sticks for this one. We have those people who just come into our life and you can't help but just smile being around them, even though they take your Man Card for lip syncing Miley Cyrus on a bad ass website. (I am talking about this one.) Bridget Russel, We wanted to send out a special Happy Birthday to you. Since this is your day, I Wanna Talk About Me just seems to fit the situation perfectly.