Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Retro Music Video (Halloween 12)

The day that causes every little noise to seem a little louder has arrived. The day where you can eat all the candy you want till you puke. The day where you can watch scary movies and wet the bed that night. Happy Halloween to all of you. I feel like my Halloween isn't complete without watching the special edition of Regis and Kelly. However, last year Regis retired and left us with Michael Strahan. It just isn't the same at all. I have to start a new tradition now to make today feel like Halloween. I was thinking about starting it off with a creepy video. I thought about posting Thriller but I thought that would be too cliche. How many people will post Michael Jackson on Halloween? It gets really old. Plus, zombies are so over done now a days. I mean everyone and everything has had some sort of Zombie deal with it. Thanks a lot AMC. Then it hit me like a knife through a teenager in a Friday the 13th film. Nothing says Halloween like the Pumpkin King even though we killed him off in our Christmas story last year. I want to go outside in the puppet mask from Saw and scare little kids while I yell, This is Halloween.