Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Very Special PSA

We here at The Buzz Kill Blog like to inform you our loyal readers not to do something that will make your life a living hell. It is something that we take great pride in. Whether, you are going to use drugs to show your cooch all over the internet and hit rock bottom or before you wear a Justin Bieber CD and a shirt. Not a big deal, unless you are an adult in your 20s. This is a very special PSA that some of you need to read and take some notes on.

Just a small town girl, she is living in a very lonely world. A city boy from South Detroit, who is also very lonely, met in a bar. Peach Schnapps being chased by some hardcore Zima. They are so shit faced they realize that they are in love. The two love birds that have been together for less than 20 minutes call for a cab and are going to make their true love last. They rent a motel room that is less than 30 dollars, you know the ones, that you take your hookers too. I am looking at you business man that frequents Craigslist when he is out of town and dresses like a woman. They get it on, in a very passionate drunk love making 4 minutes. Slobbers are flying everywhere. 9 months later they have a souvenir of the drunken night of erotic stupidity. That kid gets to grow up in a broken home complete with doing shots with their mother and being pimped out by their Father. There are some people out there who should not have even be allowed to have children. I think you need to sign some paperwork. I think you should have to go through a trial run with a cat or either dog. If they are alive after a year then maybe it's possible to actually have a child. If you think your child is a mistake, you need your penis chopped off and then have your kid feed it to a shark. If you are a woman and think the same thing, your tubes should be tied off by a calf roper. Three seconds later and a world record, no one has to put up with your constant bitching. Be a parent and a friend to your children because if you don't, you are going to die with a poop filled adult diaper alone. You will have no one their to take care of you. Now cue the more you know graphic and  I am going to hug a Teddy Bear.