Sunday, November 04, 2012

Diary of a Nerdy Chick

Well fellow nerds another amazing week has passed. I haven’t really done all that much I have been doing a lot cooking lately. The holidays are coming and I am proud to admit I am a bit of a holiday whore. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas. Me and my best friend Ashley nearly drool over a Christmas tree that will soon be in our possession, yeah, it’s that bad. I’ve become obsessed with pumpkin spice anything, and pretty soon the dreaded holiday music. There’s one thing I am majorly looking forward to, the release of Black Ops 2 for PS3 and Xbox it’s officially nine days away. My nerd senses are tingling. I am so so ready. I’ve spent countless hours on Black Ops lately, literally countless. Lately I’ve been wanting to go and get an Xbox and give Gears of War 3 a try as well. Although, if I did that, my boyfriend probably wouldn’t see me for days, or maybe I could get him into it too. That’s a hell of an idea actually. As a nerd that also love sports I bid farewell to a horrible Arkansas Razorback Football season, and say hello to the grand sport of Basketball. Since Arkansas’ basketball team is nearly non-existent, I must yell and scream at the television on behalf of another team.  So, Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk!  That would be the boyfriends fault…. We’ll see how that goes. I recently decided to get another cat. I actually named it Rock Chalk, because she’s white. I’m on a hell of a path to become the cat lady. Today was actually the best day of the whole damn week, other than Friday night when I finally hit prestige on Black Ops. I nearly had a heart attack on that one. I don’t think I’ve done that much of a workout since I decided to be part of the retarded glee number get Laura up the bleachers scenario, which I shall soon face again. Hopefully, I don’t break a leg. Anyway, today me and the best friend decided to hang out. We went out to eat at our favorite Mexican place and ordered our usual. We both get the same thing every time. We are so hooked on it it’s downright ridiculous. I get the chicken fajitas like always and we are talking and laughing and here it comes basically on fire.  That should have been my first clue not to touch the damn thing.  I kept  eating salsa while it cooled a bit and was talking to Ashley. As I reached over to dip the chip my arm meets the skillet.  Yeah, that shit is really hot. I jumped back and Ashley says: “Did you just hit that with your arm?” My reply was a muffled “Yup” I literally thought my arm was going to burst into flames right there in the building. I look down and notice a massive red mark.  If anyone asks I got the scratch fighting a tiger or something bad ass like that. After we ate we decided to go get piercings. Who doesn’t love a chick with a lip ring, or Monroe. Hello hotness.  We have a regular place we go called Fine Line Body Art. The artists are good at both stabbing holes in your face and tattooing you. They recently changed location, and Ashley and I are horrible with directions. We know what it would be by, so once we got there we searched and searched for it, because the girls had told us it was between U.S. Pizza and Wholesale Tire. We drove there, and couldn’t find the damn place. We searched and searched, it was nowhere to be found. We looked on the other side, and there it was. I got all excited like a kid on Christmas because I am addicted to this kind of stuff. Get out of the car, and they aren’t open. We were idiots, it’s Sunday. So we wanted something else to do, we ended up at Wal-Mart. I’ve come to the conclusion we should never be allowed to go there alone. Every little thing we see is something we need. After buying a bunch of the normal food, and shower related items we browsed the electronics. I should never be left alone there. Gears of War three Xbox with the two controllers and the game. I swear I nearly wet myself right there in the store. I need that console. I must find Santa and tell him right now. Like literally, now. After about two hours of shopping we headed home. I hadn’t fallen all day and I climbed into the truck without fail. I thought surely I was due for a fall. Low and behold I was right. My house is on an incline, I didn’t think it was possible for me to roll down this thing. Low and behold. I was wrong, very wrong. Bags in hand, I jump out of the truck and go to the door laughing and talking. Next thing I know, my crutch gets tangled in my jungle of a yard and  I fly onto my back and bust out laughing while bags of dog treats are flying through the air.  I could no longer use the excuse that I was praying unless people prayed on their backs laughing at the sky, in which case I would be completely fine.  Ashley helped me up and we laughed as I got into the house. I sat on the couch and the dogs ran to greet me and then it happened. I got my first French kiss from a dog, utterly disgusting but everyone laughed. Moral of the story? Black Ops 2 is nine days away, never touch a hot plate at a Mexican place unless you want to look like you got mauled by a tiger, be very careful when walking down hill or you will pray at the sky, and never ever let a dog near you while your mouth is open. It doesn’t end well.

The nerdiest girl in existence.


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