Monday, November 12, 2012

Diary of a Nerdy Chick

Well guys, time for a story. It’s Monday, and what am I doing? Sitting in a secret place I shall not speak of watching two grown men play pool while dancing to Lindsey Lohan’s horrifically awful song  “Rumors”. Let me tell you, it’s very interesting, let’s just say man cards GONE.  Quite literally the most entertaining thing I have EVER seen in my life. I am almost sorry there isn’t a video.  It’s only the first day of the week, and I’m already feeling great. Not only is tonight great but Tuesday will be the greatest night in the history of ever. Tomorrow marks the release of  Black Ops 2 for PS3 and XBOX. Let me just tell you I am way too excited for this. I pre-ordered the hardened edition with all the extra map packs and am beyond ready to play. I bought it for PS3 so if my friends don’t see me for days it’s because I’m glued to my recliner with my television four inches from my face in sweatpants and a tank top screaming obscenities at the top of my lungs. It’s probably going to be déjà vu of the night I was accused of shooting porn in my room. Didn’t help that I answered the door all red faced and half naked either. What is going on in there? Oh, nothing just playing video games. Oh, thank God. I thought you were shooting hardcore porn. Nope, just playing video games, it… it gets really violent.  Next time, just to scare folks, I should get really into video games and start screaming then lock my boyfriend out of the house half naked screaming, JUST PLAYING VIDEO GAMES! NOTHING TO SEE HERE!  I honestly swear that would make my freaking life.   My boyfriend is actually slightly ticked at me right now, I recently bought an XBOX. I haven’t had one in a few years, and at first, honestly I wasn’t a fan. Then it happened. I met the glorious games of Halo Reach, Halo 4, and Gears of War 3.  I bought it at a Game Stop, because that’s the greatest place to buy games EVER and literally raced home to play it. Felt like I had only been playing an hour, looked down, it had been four hours. Something is wrong. I’m addicted. So after all this bitching about how much better PS3 is, and a literal fight with my best friend I have come to love the XBOX and she throws it in my face every chance she gets. You know what I think is hilarious. People that talk shit into the headsets. The whole time, I’m thinking dude. You’re probably eating chips in your mom’s basement. Come here so I can knife you in the back. Yeah, it gets that bad. I feel like I could make an entertaining video on COD rage or something. There are several out there, but there are few that are actually FUNNY AS HELL.  Anywho, yeah really ready for Black Ops 2 to release and you should be too, go pick it up and kick some ass, the graphics are sweet too. Not only is tomorrow that great release but it’s also one month with my nerdy ass boyfriend.  Kind of happy about that, call me a sap or a kid, I don’t care the little things matter. This week was also full of everyone’s favorite things. Laura’s random gravity checks… don’t worry… gravity is fine, but in the process of all this testing we lost a full can of Pepsi, I stubbed my toe and flew face first into a recliner, greatest most funny accident ever.   It’s also nearly a week from Thanksgiving. Hello, excuse to get fat and eat my weight in fried turkey. This week will probably continue to be awesome and without a doubt, you’ll hear about it, but until then, always remember, if you’re a grown man that dances to Lindsey Lohan seek help immediately,  XBOX and PS3 are both badass, and losing a full can of Pepsi to a carpet is the biggest party foul ever.

The Nerdiest Girl in Existence.