Monday, November 26, 2012

Diary Of A Nerdy Chick

Hey guys and gals, your favorite nerdy girl is back again. I am now stuffed up to the brim with turkey and all its fixings and so exhausted from that turkey hangover. I wasn’t stupid enough to go Black Friday shopping but I did go to The Buzz Kill Blog Store and check out all of our sweet stuff. The sale runs till Tuesday, so be sure to check it out!  This year was my first Holiday with my boyfriend and let me tell you it was a fun one, before I even actually got here. I spent the few days before the Holiday gaming my nerdy little ass off. Finally got to really sit down and play Black Ops 2. Holy amazing graphics Batman! Shit is epic. After hours of gaming I decided to go create magic with my other passion cooking. I happened to be home alone that night. My roommates went on a nice little date out so I decided to blare music and cook. I made epic red beans and rice and since I promised the boyfriend I also made some fudge. Peanut Butter Fudge to be exact. Let’s just say I was dancing around the kitchen for quite some time and after stuffing my face with red beans and rice. I checked on the fudge. Which was done to perfection of course. I mean I cooked it.  The next day, I got to see my amazing boyfriend. Who after hugging me immediately attacked the fudge like a mad man.  He said it was good and I felt accomplished and awesome. Once we got to his house,  everyone there attacked the fudge. I have learned never to come to any holiday without fudge for his family. Or he gets his butt kicked. It's official, I’m the favorite. The next day we stuffed our faces with turkey and everything and then that night. The boyfriend had something special planned. We went to see  a local band called Chillyrose. Holy crap, amazing! Not even kidding one of the best local bands I’ve heard to date. The next day was just a bunch of hanging out and finally filling my craving for wings for lunch. Best wings I’ve had in a while too. Goodness it’s good to finally get out again and meet people and do things. I ended up giving boyfriend his Christmas present early because he’s nearly made me cry with sweetness. I gave him a tablet which he hasn’t put down since we took it out of the box. I have turned my boyfriend into an electronic fiend. This thing even broke him from the dreaded turkey coma. I’m convinced it’s magic, but so was that night. I don’t wanna let out all the details because someone might steal it and turn it into some epic Lifetime movie or something, but let’s just say, I’m proud to say I am the luckiest girl alive.  Even after losing several fights with gravity over the past few days. I have come to the conclusion that rugs and crutch tips have some sort of mad hatred for each other. I went down face first into the living room floor quite a few times this week and not for any good reason either, just gravity attempting to break my face. As Sheldon would say “ Oh gravity, thou art a heartless bitch. She better try harder though, the face isn’t broken and I can still stand. I rock that crutch. I have a mad desire to paint it some sort of outlandish color and make it all sparkly. That might be in the project line up for next week. Yeah I’m twenty four and I want to bedazzle my crutch. What of it. In all honesty I can say this is the best holiday I have had in quite some time, maybe even ever. Hopefully the next holiday will be just as great maybe with a little gaming mixed in it. No matter what holiday it is, one must always remember: Never go to a holiday event without some sort of yummy treat, never get too caught up in the turkey coma, you’ll lose track of the days, and no matter fights you may lose with gravity never forget  gimpin’ ain’t easy.