Thursday, November 08, 2012

Don't Touch That Dial

Being a kid was a fun time for me. I would go to school everyday and when I would get home I would watch the shows that shaped the future for myself. I would watch Saved by the Bell because at that time it would be in syndication and on every afternoon. There would be on a day that would be better than others for watching television than others. That day would be Friday. I would get all excited because my night was planned and nothing was going to change that. 7 O'clock my television would be tuned into ABC for TGIF. Full House, Step by Step and Family Matters put a smile on my face that would not go away. However, there was one show that changed it all for me.  That show would be Boy Meets World.

If you never got to see an episode of this instant classic, the show was based around Corey Matthews and his journey through high school. Right along with him was his best friend Shawn, together they would get into trouble and would find ways to get out of it in 22 minutes of course. Corey's love interest was Topanga. The off/on again romance would drag the viewer's heart through emotional stress. If you are a child of the 90's each relationship would end up like Corey and Topanga's in the end. Corey's older brother, Eric, is a screw up but pulls his life together with the help of their mentor Mr. Feeny. This show helped define a generation. A few days ago I caught the news that Disney was going to be finally doing a sequel... Sort of.

Girl Meets World, will follow the daughter of Corey and Topanga as she goes through the adventures of school. Corey is supposed to be in the Mr. Feeny role and play the 7th grade teacher to his daughter and her friends. I know that fans all across the board of this show have been demanding a reunion movie. The question I have is this show going to be able to fill the shoes of its predecessor?

First thing this show is going to have to do, is get Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage to agree to this. Both actors have not been in the spotlight since the show ended in 2000. The key is not going to be able to talk them into it. I figure both of them will be on board pretty easy. The key for this to be a sequel is if Shawn is part of the show. The one dynamic that Boy Meets World had the not other shows have had is the chemistry that the cast had. If this is going to be a true sequel you are going to have to get all of the original cast. If this is going to catch on they are going to have to get the kids who grew up with the show, who some of them are parents now, hooked with the nostalgia kick.

The second problem is going to be what network this will be aired on. I know that it is rumored that it will be the Disney Channel. I see some major problems with this. The original Boy Meets World aired on ABC. One of the big three networks and that helped that show take off into a stratosphere. It helped being around three of the biggest sitcoms on television at the time. I think this show needs to be treated with a little more attention than most Disney Channel Originals. Disney also has the rights to ABC Family. They are at least tying new shows on there but the quality of their shows does not compare. The placement of this show is going to be huge.

I learned a lot of life lessons from this show. It was one of the best shows for teens ever produced. I know when the day comes that I have kids, they are going to grow up with Corey and the gang. I hope this show can live up because if it does, television will have something special about it again.