Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Don't Touch That Dial

Normally, when we do something that is on the small screen, we talk about news or review a show. Today, is going to be a little different. We do retro videos on the site from time to time so we can take you down memory lane. I think the best time that all of can say we had as a television watcher, was our time as a kid. Let us think about it, getting up on Saturday Morning to watch cartoons or possibly a show on TNBC. It was a much simpler time. I want to take you down memory lane with some television shows I am guessing that many of you have forgotten.

This journey begins on the Disney Channel. I remember being a little kiddo and wishing we had more networks devoted to showing the shows that would occupy my young mind. However, that just never happened. The reason was that I lived in a small town that made it hard get a lot of the channels. This is before the Disney Channel was available as a basic network. This was a time that it was like HBO and had to be paid for at a premium. Every once in a while we would be able to pick it up for a free preview weekend. Before there was Greg the Bunny, puppets and humans coexisted. The show starred a frog, a blue jay, and a gopher learning how to make the right decisions Under The Umbrella Tree.

The second Disney show was a childhood classic turned into a 30 minute live action show. I know many of us have seen the Alice in Wonderland cartoon or the creepy movie Johnny Depp movie that you had to be high to understand. This television classic followed the adventures of Alice and her moral dilemmas. She would ensue the help of her friends in Wonderland. The show was called Adventures in Wonderland.

Our next stop on the tour of Retro Television goodies, takes us to Saturday morning ABC. At this time the Power Rangers was the biggest show in television. The networks were trying to find a way to be able to be number one on the kids front. ABC's answer to this? Having a kid zapped by a computer to fight a guy trying to take over the internet. The Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad. This show lasted one season but had 53 episodes. The longest run for a show that tanked maybe in the history of the small screen.

We are pulling into the NBC stop on this crazy train of memories. Saved by the Bell: The New Class was really weak but also had some really huge shoes to fill by being a sequel to the long running Saved by the Bell. The show that immediately followed it, is what captured the audience. A Varsity High School Basketball team, that was a little different than most. The school was apparently so small that they did not have a girls team so the varsity teams most high profiled player was a girl. This show made me want to be a basketball player. The show was called Hang Time and it took up my Saturday mornings. I am guessing it did for some of you as well.

Our final stop in, holy crap, I remember that show lane, is from Nickelodeon. The late 80s and early 90s were dominated by malls and arcades. Who didn't love taking a few dollars in quarters and blowing them in trying to get the high score. Nick capitalized on this cash cow by having a game where two teams of kids playing video games to see who can take on the big boss at the end of the show. I have a question, about a lot of the games on Nick Arcade. Were any of those games legit arcade games?

I think that wraps up this trip down the memory lane on the television front. Maybe after watching these show openers, you will remember the best time of your life.


~*Jayme In the Sky With Diamonds*~ said...

I'm officially now watching all of the adventures in wonderland I can find on youtube b/c I LOVED that show when I was little!