Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hall of Hunks

Well girls, it’s time to stop drooling over all the newest and greatest products for the holidays and start drooling over men. What’s the sexiest thing about a man? For me, it’s a sense of humor, a pretty smile, gorgeous eyes an accent, and nothing beats a bit of an edge.  I think I have found a man that has every single one of these qualities. This man is most definitely worthy of a spot in the Hall Of Hunks. Ladies, without any delay, I give you Russell Brand. Good grief, I’m already drooling. This man is amazing. Russell Brand has starred in movies like “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, “Get Him to the Greek” and “Arthur” he does stand-up comedy, has his own novel and even sings which I most recently learned in the new movie “Rock of Ages”  He is also known for being Katy Perry’s husband for a short period of time.  Dear God, if I was Katy Perry the things I would have done to that man.  Between his accent, his crazy, hair, and his excessive leather wear, I would have had to change panties countless times.  His sense of humor is sex as well. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s just so off the wall or if it’s the accent that puts his ability to make me laugh that puts him over the edge for me. But honestly, I don’t care/ Have you seen him shirtless, or in leather pants? If you haven’t, you’re truly missing out on some amazing eye candy. His eyes are something you can get lost in. Who cares if he’s drunk and making you stroke a furry wall, it’s Russell Brand I could lick his ABS and be fine. There is truly nothing better than a British rocker with many talents to swoon your life away over. Russell Brand if you ever read this, I’ve drooled in many napkins over your gorgeous face, I want to lick your ABS, and I would love to stroke your furry wall.


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