Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Retro Music Video 11/20

Yesterday, I was listening to Jack FM. Seriously if you have one of these stations in your area and your dial is not tuned to it, there is something wrong with you. They play anything and everything. It's the perfect radio station for music the listener with ADOS. Attention Deficit OOOOH SHINY. They played a song from my favorite decade of music. The 90s. It is the music that defined my childhood. It took me back to a much simpler time. Sitting around with a couple of my friends playing Pogs. Do you remember Pogs? It was these cardboard discs that you would take a heavier disc usually made of metal to try and flip them over. The mission was trying to get all your friends pogs.

It was like Marbles but not near as competitive or fun and they bent so easily. Want to know how much those things are worth now? Not a damn thing unless the Hostess company made those too and I am not aware of it. I had two tubes of these things that I sold for a dollar at a garage sale. I think I could make more money selling a Styrofoam Big Mac box from the 80s or a McRib box from those people who treat them like crack. It makes me wish times now were like this but alas, You Get What You Give. Someday, right?