Saturday, November 24, 2012

Retro Music Video 11/24

I’ve come to realize music just isn’t the same anymore. Most of what you hear now is crap I can’t even understand. Classic Rock will always be a favorite of mine for nearly any occasion. Plus classic rock brings me back to a simpler time of being a small child and watching my mother clean while dancing to hair metal all crazy like. She’d be cleaning and I’d be busy trying to make a mess, or be on some sort of half cracked out Pixie Stick running craze. Oh Pixie sticks, the kid version of crack.  The ultimate bribing tool that you can still use to get any small child to do what he or she is supposed to do at any given moment. Those things were absolute gold. I’m still totally convinced it’s crack, but who knows? Crack is freaking scary. Who is crack popular with probably strippers At least that’s what Netflix taught me. Oddly enough it was in tubes that they stuck near their noses Goodness if Pixie Sticks really are crack, every strip joint in America would be filled with strippers pouring Pixie Sticks on themselves while making love to the pole. Will my inner stripper be revealed if I can convince my boyfriend to “Pour Some Sugar on  Me”?

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