Friday, November 09, 2012

Retro Music Video 11/9

It is Friday and that can only mean one thing. A trip in our non existent Delorean to a time in the past. It's kind of like that girlfriend that I... You had in middle school that lived in Canada and only came down on Boxing Day. Today, we normally post up our next episode of the Solitude of Nerdom Podcast but due to circumstance beyond my control, and the fact that two of us actually are able to get out of the house, there will not be an episode this week. But do not worry, next week we will be back with an all new episode, plus a new lip sync video and the first part of The Ridge Of Nuts. But right now after the crazy week we had with all the politics and other stuff we need to have some fun. I feel like I am going to get shit faced and do some lap dances to the theme to Happy Days which Ironically is the sexiest television theme of all time. We need to treat this weekend like a party. Let off some steam, watch someone get hit hard in some high school playoff football. (Go HOXIE!!!! I have to throw in my cheap plug.) We need to get drunk and hit on someone that is out of your league and when they wake up they are the ones that do the walk of shame. This weekend is going to be special for everyone. I Can Feel It Coming IN THE AIR TONIGHT.

I have a couple things that hit me after watching this. How many of you played the air drums? Am I the only one but does Phil Collins have the creepiest videos ever?


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