Thursday, November 08, 2012

Show Me Your Tweets 3: Revenge of the Tweet

Social Networking has become very popular and it all started with that jackass Tom and Myspace. Well, that wasn't enough damn it. Then came along that Zuckerberg guy. Thanks a lot for creating a website that causes people not to do a damn thing but play games on. If I wanted to farm, it sure as hell wouldn't be on Facebook. Plus, why the hell would you want to poke someone? Did you have a hard on for the nudge button on MSN chat? Fuck me running. Well, for people with ADD, came along a site that allows you to post something in 140 characters. That site would be Twitter. Everyone seems like they have a twitter page. What a waste of time (@cravinghumor) Well, even celebrities have got into the action on Twitter. We have 100s of people trying to find the best tweets by celebs out there, actually it's two guys in a basement with a huge supply of Rollos. These tweets were yanked right off the "pages" of Twitter so you can enjoy them yourself again.

Is anyone else annoyed at the fact Taylor Swift has the worst luck with men? Have you noticed the guys keep changing but one thing keeps staying the same. Food for thought. Well, she posted a tweet about something that happened in a Starbucks.

Washington and Colorado passed the legalization of Marijuana for recreational use. Hollywood thought it would be a great idea to jump on the bandwagon by making the next installment in a movie franchise.
Adele came out recently and said that she used online dating to meet people. She tweeted about her experiences.
Have you heard about the 8 year old girl named, Sam Johnson? This girl is tearing up the pee wee ranks in Salt Lake City. She ran for 1,911 yards. She was averaging 8.2 yards per carry. Well, one pro team took notice of this Phenom.
Remember the whole debacle between Mitt Romney and Big Bird? If Romney were to be elected he was going to cut all funding to PBS. Well, on election night after the results were announced a certain big yellow bird took to Twitter.
In news that made some nerds happy and others cringe in fear, Disney bought Lucas Films for more money that it took to buy the Louisiana Purchase. The news was dropped that Disney will be making the next film in the Star Wars franchise and George Lucas took to Twitter and voiced his opinion.
And finally, this is self explanatory. This is from Barack Obama.
Should have seen that coming.


Jim Dick said...

For a second... I thought Taylor Swift was on the Adam&Eve ad on the sidebar.... it left me at half mast.