Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Big Bowl Of Random

Jack Frost is starting to nip at your nose, hot chocolate is becoming the beverage of choice. That can only mean one thing, It's time for a Big Bowl of Random. Honestly, this is the bastard child of the website. This is the one thing that we keep trying to get rid of but it keeps coming back like a raging case of the herpes or an unwanted house guest. If you have never seen the a Big Bowl of Random before, this where I take little thoughts that doesn't have enough meat to be a full piece.

Why do liquor stores have a drive thru when people tell us not to drink and drive?

Is it wrong I want to see my girlfriend suck the cream filling out of a Twinkie..... Hold on a Sec, a Cloud Cake. It's not the same. It's just not the same.

The McRibs are addictive like Crack. I swear when McDonalds pulls them off the menu again I will be looking under the couch for a wrapper with that sauce.

Am I the only one who feels dirty poking someone on Facebook? I feel like before poking someone you should offer to buy them dinner first. I wonder if you can practice safe poking. It feels even dirtier when a family member pokes you. Right now, that is illegal in 27 states. I do like when a cute girl pokes me. Can I Get an Amen!!!

I wonder if people in Prison have a shank button instead of a poke button.

Why is it that a commercial about dogs and cats that don't have a home made me want to cry but a commercial about starving kids in a third world country hosted by Sally Struther, makes we want to order pizza? 

Damn you Sarah McLachlan!!! Damn You!!!!

How is it that I ride in a car with 5 women for a journey longer than 3 hours, and I am the one who has to pee? Thanks a lot Karma for picking me to make an example out of me on behalf men everywhere who wouldn't stop.

Stop  laughing, I have a bladder like a 14 year old girl.

The Powerball Jackpot is up to 500,000, so for whoever wins, dinner will automatically be on you for the rest of time. 

Have you ever ordered a sweet tea and it was so sweet that you could put it on pancakes? McDonald's, I am looking at you. 

Have you ever been caught jacking off or caught in the middle of doing the nasty? What do you say when that happens? If that isn't the most awkward thing ever. Would be ever to look in your family members eyes ever again?

How many of your faces just turned red caused that happened to you?

On Thanksgiving, my girl made some peanut butter fudge. My Dad guarded that stuff better than the patrol on the Mexican Border. 

Is the weirdest place to ever get a boner church? Gives a whole new meaning to he has risen. 

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