Saturday, November 03, 2012

The Sports Talk

I have been a sports fan all of my life. I have felt the thrill of the win. The NCAA 2008 National Championship when The Kansas Jayhawks beat the Memphis Tigers. I will never forget the three pointer hit by Mario Chalmers to send the game into overtime. I have also been a fan in the agony of defeat. Last year the NBA Finals when the Miami Heat beat the Oklahoma City Thunder. We go through the ups and downs. If one thing on television or in person can make a person's emotions become like a roller coaster it is the world of sports. However, I think all sports fans can agree on one thing. We do not like it when the refs don't allow the players to actually play the game. I understand that there are bad calls made in every game. We are only human, mistakes happen. But to dictate a game so much to try to change the outcome in the favor of the team you want to win is ludicrous.

I bring this up for a reason. I have seen a growing trend, not in college or pro sports, but in the high school levels. This past Thursday, I traveled to Harrisburg Arkansas. For the people out there who does not know where that is, think middle of nowhere and you would be close. I watched the game between The Hoxie Mustangs and The Harrisburg Hornets. This was to be contested on the gridiron. High School football is a way of life in Arkansas a lot more so than where I grew up. I am not the type of fan that thinks every call made against my team is wrong. If it is called, I am guessing that it actually happened. I also think that if you are a referee in the high school level that you should call a fair game. Let the kids decide who is the best. I guess this was not the plan for this past Thursday. If a ball sails out of bounds on a pass, it is deemed uncatchable. Not to these refs. It was a pass interference call. Bad call after, bad call. It just made a game that usually takes two hours to play take around three and a half. At one point in the third quarter, it took them 15 minutes to decide what the actual call was. It was a poor display of what officials should do. The refs tried to dictate that game. They tried to be the star.

I know that there are a lot of refs who take their job seriously and for those men and women who go out there each and every game and make sure it is fair for both teams, we salute you. This is a special message to the refs that called this game and others around the country that do the same thing. It should be the kids that are the stars. They are the ones who put in the work starting in July for the 10 game season. It is not about you. It should never be about you. If you can't actually do that job for 5 weeks, it's time to think about a new profession.