Thursday, November 22, 2012

What If.....

What if the national bird would have been the turkey instead of the Bald Eagle?

I want you to think about this. Ben Franklin, one of founding Fathers, thought this what the symbol of our country. Think about the logo of the country could have been a drawn hand with with a beak placed on it like we did back in school when we were younger. In all seriousness, These turkeys were not the same as the turkeys that you see today. They were not as domesticated and a little bit tougher. They flew in flocks. Instead of flying solo, think of a group of turkeys flying across the sky. It would have been an amazing sign of unity but not as threatening or majestic as the bald eagle. Turkeys strike fear in the heart of no one except PETA.   So what would we have ate for our holiday dinners? The joking answer would be eagles. How scrumptious would eating a bald bird be? I am guessing the bird of choice would have been duck. There still would have been a chicken shoved inside.