Sunday, December 09, 2012

A Heart Felt Apology

We here at The Buzz Kill Blog and The Solitude of Nerdom Podcast, want to tell all of you that we are sorry from the bottoms of our heart. I feel and some of us feel that we have let you down. I have always had the dream to start a podcast to coexist with this site. It was dream that became a reality back in August. We are 7 shows in and the feedback and listener base has been unbelievable. We have appreciated every kind word and criticism that you have thrown our way. It makes try harder. Well, we have let you down. There has been complete bull shit around here at Buzz Kill HQ concerning things that should not be a problem. Drama has shown it's ugly head and the only people suffering are you our readers and listeners due the fact you have not been put first. It is not the kind of reputation that we want. We are working to take care of the problem and revamp the show in ways that will make it better.The Solitude of Nerdom Podcast will be back and it will be even better. We love each and everyone of you. Please be watching out for our newest episode.