Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Preview of The 13 Days of Christmas

First off, I hope everyone is enjoying our new layout. It was an all nighter to make the site look more like well, an actual site. We went through many Pepsi's and Pizza Rolls but I think the end product looks amazing and I hope you enjoy it too.

Do not forget about our contest!!! The Worst Christmas Gift Ever. Like The Buzz Kill Blog on Facebook and tell us what is the worst gift some has given you for the holiday. If yours is chosen, You will win a T-Shirt and a Coffee Mug courtesy of The Buzz Kill Blog Store and The Craving Humor Store.

Starting Thursday, We begin the most wonderful time of the year here at The Buzz Kill. We begin The 13 Days of Christmas. This year is going to be the biggest one to date.

Finally, the return of The Solitude of Nerdom Podcast, and Christmas will be the theme... Twice

A special holiday Hall of Hunks and Hall of Hotties that will make your balls jingle.

It's Christmas break for most students but we are going to be taking you back to math class with some word problems that will leave you scratching your head. Make sure you take notes before taking this test.

One thing that makes Christmas, Christmas is the fact that there are songs playing everywhere. That can only mean one thing, Richard is going to be Lip Syncing for his life to a Christmas song.

We count down a Special Christmas list with the return of The 7s.

Stick Figure Dan has an Open Letter for a certain type of person for this holiday season.

Dating can be difficult but it can be more difficult during the holidays, that is why we are bringing you a special UnWritten Rules of Dating.

A Christmas edition of WTF?!?!?

We find out Whitney and Laura's worst Christmas gifts to go right along with our contest.

Laura shows off her nerdy side with a Special Diary of A Nerdy Chick that will have a holiday theme.

What would Christmas time be without some Funny Ass and Retro Videos?

Our writers will be writing the big guy what they want for Christmas. Make sure to watch out for Stick Figure Dan's. It's always crazy.

And we saved the best for last. Our yearly 3 part Christmas Story. The story is called The Naughty List.

Plus more....

Stick around and celebrate Christmas with us.