Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Diary of a Nerdy Chick

Hey everybody, I’m back again.  I’m excited for a number of reasons right now. One, it’s my absolute favorite time of year. You know December, warm coffee, an excuse to bake to my heart’s content and shop and to top it off, I just stuffed my face with turkey less than two weeks ago. Like I said, I love this time of year. Not only do I love this time of year, but I love the excuse to watch Christmas movies and get all excited like a child. At the age of twenty four I get ungodly amounts of excited when Fred Claus and Elf come on. I also have my own odd way of kicking off Christmas. This year, I decided to let my wonderful boyfriend in on the fun. I invited him to my personal hell aka my house and sat him down to watch none other than get ready for this…. ALL of the Harry Potter movies, on Blu-ray. I think  I’m a bigger nerd than I realize. He was really reluctant, but he couldn’t deny a warm bed, food cooked by me and cuddles. Who can? Plus he promised. He watched the first movie and was extremely hooked. We got through all of them after three nights. He’s in love with those movies now. He might even have a serious crush on little miss Granger…. Let’s face it, she’s gorgeous. He’s also become more of a gamer while being here. I’m teaching him Black Ops and he’s actually getting good at it.  Right this very second even over the music blaring in my headphones I can hear the blaring of Batman Arkham City. That’s a game every gamer needs to check out. Geez, I should just start doing game reviews already. A future project? I think yes! Anyways, back to Christmas related things. I am so ready to cook and wrap things and watch all those lame Christmas movies while drinking hot chocolate. I’m glad I don’t have to do too much shopping because I’m a broke ass college student…….. Ah this brings me to my favorite part of Christmas time a flipping break from college. I work hard, love my major, but I feel like I have been writing papers until my fingers bleed. Good lord, I know we are required to actually learn, but why do I have to write 374746375563524153748 papers on the same damn thing every week. Lord, I’m not stupid, but I’m about to beat some instructors stupid for asking me the same question in a different way every week. Isn’t it clear I know the answer? How about you have some hot chocolate and a smile and shut the hell up. TIS the season of happiness, Christmas lights, and stupid movies till 3A.M. not six papers and countless tests. Oh break from school, you can’t come fast enough. I’m excited to spend Christmas working and hanging out with friends.  I feel like I should be singing that ridiculous song on the Pull Ups commercial…. I’m a big kid now. I get to do what I want, when I want, with who I want. Who knew. I’ve made it a mission to start a new tradition with the boyfriend this year although I absolutely no idea what it will be just yet. I think I have a better chance of finding Jack Frost’s dick in hell before finding the perfect tradition, but it will work itself out. All in all the time we’ve spent together and my life right now I’m generally happy. I’ll be even more happy when I game and relieve some stress. That is, if I can pry the controller from the boyfriends hand after my long relaxing shower.  Always remember two things for the Christmas season.  One, if you’re a broke ass college student like me and still need gifts check out The Buzz Kill Store and two, if life gets you down during this great season. Tell everyone to have some hot chocolate and a smile and to shut the hell up. It’s Christmas time. Negativity is not an option with the power invested in me I command you to go nerd out and watch a Christmas movie or a game until your thumbs bleed.

The Nerdiest Girl in Existence